Monday, December 15, 2008

Something to try

As with everything, i'm not guaranteeing this. but it did help me with my (continuing) epic migraine, so i'll post it here in case it's a help for others: massage! lowers stress and loosening things up seems to help for a while. i doubt it would abort a migraine, but anything that eases pain (and possibly prevents a migraine? who knows?) has got to be a good thing. here in aus, most extras cover will pay some towards massage (as well as other alternative treatments) and without hospital cover, are not too expensive. so may be worth thinking about.

anyway, other things related to me:
i got my ct scan results and they're clean. that's a relief. my doctor has okayed me upping my tourettes meds as my tics are starting to get to me again, i've only done this as of friday, but it seems to be helping already. the tics are still larger body areas, but significantly less pronounced. which is decrease in stress. i've also gotten a referral to a neurologist who visits locally, and will be looking into getting an appointment soon. he may not be able to do more than my gp is, but i feel it's worth trying.


Migraine Chick said...

I really like your blog! The layout is easy to follow and I like what you're posting about. I feel the same way about there being other migraine blogs out there, but with migraines there's never too much info.

desikitteh said...

thank you so much. it's heartening to know i'm on the right track. :)

BZero said...

Good luck with everything! Have a good holiday week!