Friday, December 26, 2008

A Scary but important step for me

Tonight i managed my first ever self administered tramal injection. now this is not something the average migraineur should be doing but for those of you who need shot and tend to have pain peaks when your doctor is unavailable, it can become something you need to consider. and tonight i did. i wont pretend it wasn't scary to do, given it was the first time... but it wasn't as bad as i thought. that said there's not reason to worry about me abusing the privilege! it's certainly not pleasant! but it works and i'm proud of myself for managing it.

some tips from the experience:
  • if you inject into a leg sit on a chair or on the edge of the bed
  • stay calm
  • do NOT push the plunger down too quickly (i did this and ended up with my leg itching for some time.)
  • remember to clean the site before and after
  • dispose of everything properly. you should be able to get a sharps container from your local council or similar. if not your doctor should be able to advise you where to get it.
  • and remember to get a good night's sleep!
that's all for now.


BZero said...

Wow. That is serious, and a little scary. Glad it worked for you -- I'm glad you have this option now.

desikitteh said...

it was certainly needed. i was being dragged to the doctor for injections far too often.

Ellen Schnakenberg said...

Good going!! We do weekly B12 shots here, as most of us have pernicious anemia. It took my DD nearly a year before she was brave enough to try to do her own. We apply a little ice to the spot before wiping down with alcohol and doing the injection. It also seems to help me to have the leg straight and relaxed, vs bent or angled.

You are lucky to have this option. I'm glad the injections seem to help you!!

It's good to 'meet' you and I know I'll enjoy following your new blog.

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