Wednesday, May 27, 2009


MRI's are scary at the best of times. even worse when you're autistic, claustrophbic and have an unremovable (albeit titanium) piercing in your [none of your business]. however i survived today having the MRI my neurologist (with a migraine! and a cold!) although this is mostly because they sedated me. whatever they used, i want it. slept like a log when i got home and had done of the weird dreams i've been having lately. and my vocal tic has been a lot quiter over the last however many hours since they sedated me.

hopefully some more posts soon, am planning one on natural options that can help manage migraine.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, hello there!

well, i managed about 2 months without a migraine, but one hit me the other day. but i'm seeing the neurologist in a matter of days (the 11th, in fact.) so here's hoping for some answers, hey?

in other news, it seems that i've developed a psychosematic reaction to one of my migraine triggers: cigarette smoke. i saw a couple of women walking along smoking (from inside my grandmother's car!) and i honestly wanted to be sick. thinking it's my system panicking.