Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vent, Whine and some coping tips.

To start, the migraine i mentioned in my first post continues. it's making me miserable and touchy. although my last tramal shot has brought my pain levels down to barable. i thought i'd make a little summary of some of the coping tricks i use:

  • keep lights off or dimmed.
  • keep up fluids, especially water.
  • eat! even if it's only something light and only once or twice a day.
  • rest. relax. sleep. these are important ways to keep pain levels down.
  • see your doctor. (obviously!) but be patient if treatment doesn't result in pain going away immediately.
  • take pain medication and preventative medication as direction. messing with these can cause then to stop working or even cause rebound pain.
  • keep yourself informed. migraine is a little understood disease, but there's more research and understanding each and every day. both from the medical profession and the shared experience of other sufferers. learn what you can, being informed WILL help you get the best treatment.
For now i'm going to make some soup and go back to feeling sorry for myself, and then get some more sleep.

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